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Makes the Difference for Buyers

Buying a new house can sometimes be stressful. It’s a lot of work even if you’ve lived in Tampa for a long period of time. You have an emotional decision to make when buying a new home, especially when leaving a home that you’ve loved for a long time. You need attention to detail and care during the selection process.

Buyers choose The Toni Everett Co. because of our elevated level of client service which results in a lot of repeat business. For example, one customer bought 23 properties in 19 years. That says it all!

Relocation buyers put their faith in our service, too. We understand that they don’t know the Tampa Bay area and need assistance finding their way around town, including the best schools, shopping, local religious centers, clubs, and businesses to suit their needs. Thankfully, we have an office full of agents who love their town and areas across the Bay and are here to help. We don’t just sell them a house or office. We take care of the entire package, giving buyers the best value.

The Toni Everett Co. also has a special relocation department for corporations. Our relocation manager has a long history of heading up relocation companies throughout the U.S. Click on Relocation to see a brief outline of our Relocation Department.

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