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Relocation Services

We provide a diverse and full range of relocation services associated with a move. These services can be provided directly to a corporation or in partnership with a third party relocation company. Our services include both Departure and Destination Services and can be tailored to your company’s relocation needs.



  • Neighborhood information
  • Cost of living analysis
  • Schools
  • Recreational activity availability
  • Transportation

We will also conduct an interview to complete a needs assessment and answer questions that a transferring employee may have about the area and the program.


  • Customized home-finding reference materials on target communities and services
  • Area tours
  • Assistance with purchasing a home
  • Assistance with home financing alternatives
  • Assistance with real estate closing and settling in to the new area


  • Assistance with locating an appropriate rental
  • Assistance with lease negotiation


Group moves involve the need for a cohesive plan. As an employer you have to keep in mind that everyone will be talking and comparing their experience and benefits. While benefits will certainly vary by level within the company, you can ensure that every employee gets the same level of service in being introduced to the area, making a housing decision, and other related support services involved in a move.


Ideally we will be involved from the start of the move and will either make a group or individual presentation highlighting the area and all that Tampa Bay has to offer. Our services can be quite valuable in the recruiting process should you want to provide a resource for a candidate prior to accepting a position and/or relocation. We are able to jump in and provide you the support you need at any point during the process by bringing our experience and resources to your move.


By standardizing the process yet still tailoring the services and matching individuals with the right agent, you can ensure that a high level of service is being given to all. Our Relocation Director will be a central point of contact for the move providing regular status updates and communicating any issues that an employee might be experiencing in connection with the move. This information allows managers to stay on top of their recruiting efforts and be sure of a successful and productive transition to the new role and location.

  • Group move area orientation in current location
  • Group tours or individual tours
  • Assistance with any special needs



Acting as your employee’s personal adviser we provide guidance on all aspects of the move and explain your company’s relocation policies and its procedures for reimbursement. We can assist you in whatever elements of your policy you would like us to counsel your transferring employees on as it relates to their move.


Our Marketing Assistance program makes the most of your transferring employees’ efforts to market and sell their own homes, reducing your overall costs. We will assist them with selecting an agent and work with their agent to focus the marketing strategy on selling the property as quickly as possible so that your employee can get moved and focus on company business. The counselor assigned to each employee will work closely with the agent to ensure that the property is priced properly and being actively marketed.


If your employees want to lease their existing home while they are on assignment either on a temporary or long-term basis, we will help evaluate and select suitable tenants, coordinate repairs, and watch over properties with regular inspections as part of this service.

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