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About Toni

Owner & Broker: The Toni Everett Company
Born: Native of Tampa, Florida along with parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and 150 cousins, all from Tampa.
Foreign Languages: Spanish, Some Italian, Some French

High School
Academy of the Holy Names Bayshore Boulevard
Tampa, Florida

Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida
BA Degree

Madison Avenue
New York City, NY
Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Work & Business Experience:
Proficient in all retailing, haute couture Hard construction
Interior design
Public Relations
Some Medical
Some Travel Agency experience

Main Real Estate Talent & Expertise:
Pre-sales and re-sales
Condominium development
Site planning
Floor plan design
Site pre-sales and site management
Pre-sale converts sell 1 out of 3
If totally in control of sale, close 90-100%

Hired by:
Berkley of London
Swire International for Harbour House
Atrium On the Bayshore

Past & Present Hobbies: Medal skater, horseback riding, tennis, cooking, and much charity participation
Sales Volume Exceeds: $80,000,000 in a given year, exclusive of agents
Pre-Sales Converts: 1 out of 3 / 90-100%
Pre-Sales Closing Converts: 90-100% in medium to good markets

Founder of the Toni Everett Company:
Created The Toni Everett Company to specialize in one-of-a-kind multi-million dollar homes and developments of all kinds, particularly in high rise condominiums

The following are jobs Toni Everett has completed, mostly from pre-sales to completion.



The Bayshore Regency, Tampa:
Prototype, created first two per floor and one per floor in the world creating the “less is more” and down zoning from 85 to 33 units. Owner copyright of floor plans (each a custom unit). Toni Everett was a principal developer. Sold out prior to construction. No advertising. On site. No sales center. Closed 100%.

The Pinnacle Condominium, Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa:
93 Units on site, finished building construction, Market Coordinator, sold out building – Minimal advertising. On-site sales center. Post re-sales and leasing.

Howell Park Condominiums, Tampa:
Hired by Freedom Federal Savings and Loan and Sunshine Development Company. 52 Units, Hired for Building #1 to find leak in building. Created PR for Building #2 and new sales campaign to sell empty existing Building 2. On-site sales. No advertising. No sales center. Sold out 100%.

Hired by Berkley of London and Swire International for two projects:

Harbour House Condominiums, Tampa:
Converted 148 units from rental building. Toni Everett alone sold out in record time – 6 months – no advertising. Toni Everett Company re-sales, management and leasing after sellout and Manager on site. Sold out 100%.

The Atrium on Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa:
A 126 unit high-rise interior atrium. On-site pre-sales. Part of Toni Everett, Swire International, and Berkley of London Properties, Toni on- and off-site, selection, sales office which allowed additional units and parking. Toni Everett sold from pre-sale to closeout. Some advertising. Sold out 100%.

Monte Carlo Towers, Bayshore, Tampa:
205 Units, On-site sales center. Pre-sold, post re-sales and leasing. Major ad and PR campaign.

Grandview, Harbour Island, Tampa:
68 units. On-Site. Pre-sold and directed sales with Toni Everett team of two. Pre-sold out. Post re-sales and leasing. No advertising. On-site sales center. Closed 100%.

345 Bayshore, Tampa:
A conversion from rentals. 245 units converted from rentals, designed a sales program, helped design a major marketing and advertising campaign on-site. Sale of ready product and a Toni Everett Company team of four rotating 10-7pm on-site. Sold out. Post individual re-sales, leasing and Management. Closed 100%.

Plaza Harbour Island, Tampa:
Some on-site sales, sales center, managed through association turn over. 100% Sold out. Post re-sales and leasing. Major advertising campaign.

Alagon on the Bayshore, Tampa:
50 units, no sales center. Toni pre-sold out alone in one month with hard contracts, from her office. Two ads. 100% closed.

The Stoval, Tampa:
33 Units, No sales center. Minimal advertising. Post re-sale and leasing. 100% closed.

Trump Towers, Tampa:
On-site sales center. Worked with Trump, New York on marketing program and pre-sales development. On-site with one other sales member. Sold out building three times, once on first time out, once on price increase, and once on extension of sales. Held pre-sales in for three years. Developer decided not to build due to soil problems and pending financial crisis.

Port Bellagio, Sunny Isles, FL:
Ran large site sales center, 500 unit conversion, Sunny Isles, Florida. Designed and implemented. Hired and ran sales center of a Toni Everett Company exclusive sale program. Five agents from Tampa, five from Miami. 100% Sold out in 10 months. Major advertising program.

The Bellamy, Bayshore, Tampa:
Had one Toni Everett Company agent on site.

The Finale on Sand Key Clearwater:
23 Units – sold out in 6 weeks with hard contracts. 100% closed, all but one in cash.



The Elton Property Company:
Toni Everett assisted in the acquisition of sites, selecting ideas and themes for the developments, providing contracts and sources for the Developer. Toni Everett also aided with floor plans and marketing. The projects consisted of about 95 townhomes and almost all 100% were pre-sold. Toni Everett Sold.

The Wilson Company:
10 units, large townhomes, pre-sold units and site. Toni pre-sold.

Sweetwater Creek Single Family Development: Pre-sales before owner sold to Arthur Rutenberg
Baypoint, Bayshore and Gandy, Tampa Single Family
Water front. Sold.

Harbour Island, Tampa:
The Harbour Island Development. Had four Toni Everett agents selling.

Marina Club of Tampa, Hillsborough River:
Townhomes and two mid-rises. Helped put deal together, ran on-site sales agents.

Sunset Park 60 Condominium Conversion:
Sold out.



02 Pinnacle Place, Tampa:
170 Units, 2 Towers. Project ultimately abandoned by developer due to financial crisis

615 Bayshore, Fort Lauderdale:
Hillsboro Mile:
Hillsboro Mile, Florida, Custom building




Completed with Henderson Everett & Anthony Everett

Hyde Park Place, DeLeon Ave., Tampa, Florida – 96 Units Renaissance, Clearwater, Florida – 114 Units
Hyde Park Walk, Hyde Park, Tampa, Florida – 134 Units
Harbour Place City Homes, Harbour Island, Tampa, Florida –206 Units
Island Club, Rocky Point, Tampa, Florida – 138 Units

2 Apartment Conversions
Baypointe Apartment Conversion – 312 Units