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Deciding to Sell

The Toni Everett Co. has been the leading listing agent of single-family homes in the multimillion-dollar category in the Tampa Bay Area for over 40 years. While many of our agents specialize in more moderately priced homes all across Tampa Bay, the company is known for our exclusive luxury properties. The Toni Everett Co. is continuously breaking sale and listing records, garnering the highest dollar per square foot, and always striving to get our sellers the highest price possible.

Additionally, sellers love working with The Toni Everett Co. because we invest in smart, sophisticated advertising, utilizing proven photographers whose work jumps off the page and grabs buyers’ attention.

With 40 years of exemplary business, we excel in repeat business from sellers. Once a family starts listing with The Toni Everett Co., the relationship often continues for generations because of the level of care and service we deliver and are known for.